Menorca is a magical island with wonderful landscapes and a Mediterranean spirit that inspire all our creations. It is the Origin of Flavour.

75 years ago, the young artisan Fernando Sintes started the most important ice-cream tradition in Spain. Since then, we have not stopped working to provide solutions that help establishments to differentiate themselves while charming and surprising their customers.

Our raison d'être is to help the restaurant industry to create exclusive dessert solutions for its customers, while strictly monitoring the quality of all our products. 

The frozen fruits line, launched in 1967, is one of La Menorquina’s most renowned and long-standing categories. Iced Lemon, Orange, Coconut and Baby Pineapple are still manufactured and marketed to this day. We were pioneers in the manufacturing of this type of product 48 years ago, and it was so widely recognised for its innovation and great commercial success that it has remained a point of reference for the brand.

In addition to the Frozen Fruits, there are other classic products that are still marketed today, such as Whisky Cake, Trufito and Punky, which have been produced for 15 years and have sold 30 million units.

La Menorquina, Creación Mediterránea

At La Menorquina, we are committed to our roots. With the ice cream making tradition, artisanal recipes and a lifestyle that began in 1940, today we continue to bring our ice cream to consumers around the country, in both the Impulse and Food channels.

La Menorquina’s ice creams spread throughout the peninsula in the 60s. Consumers from all over the country were quick to appreciate the quality of the ingredients, the craftsmanship of the production, and the elegant and delicate Mediterranean style that can be felt as the wrapping is removed. We were creating the most important ice cream tradition in Spain, one that would accompany consumers throughout their lives, forming part of the collective memory of the country.

We remain faithful to the old ways. Which is why we have categorised our ice creams in five groups that we have called Creation. We create ice creams that are not just delicious, but excellent, and with the quality that is expected from Master Ice Cream Makers with so much experience.

We intend to continue being part of the lives of consumers and a standard bearer for the lifestyle that they cherish so dearly, ensuring that they continue to identify with true Mediterranean Creation.

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